Second-hand purchases have been embedded in our consumption habits for some years now. However, the clothing sector, particularly second-hand ski wear, has experienced a recent boom. We explain you how and why this is a good thing, for you and for the good of all

For some years now, the purchase/sale of used products has kept pace with our daily lives, especially through platforms between individuals. Recently, several new players focused on the fashion sector appeared, creating very virtuous opportunities for our common good. Ski-Chic helps you to take advantage of this phenomenon.

Expand the Scope of Possibilities

The second-hand gives you this unique opportunity to access a much wider range of brands than usual. By agreeing to no longer be the first-to-go of your ski outfit, you increase your chances of finding your dream outfit with equivalent budget for a new, standard outfit. In fact, when they are released from their new clothes, sellers generally agree to a reduction of between 30 and 60% of the new price. Enough to consider accessing a used ski suit for which your budget would not allow you to buy new.

By pleasing you, you're also pleasing the planet


The production of ski clothing requires a significant consumption of resources for a use that often amounts to 6 days per year (average length of a stay for an individual). By favouring the second-hand purchase, you avoid feeding a system that brings our planet to its knees today. It is by adopting this kind of rational attitude (towards the low use you have of your outfit) that you will give our planet the opportunity to get back to breathing. A very nice way to join the useful to the pleasant and preserve the unique playground that offers our snowy mountains.

Where and how to buy your second-hand clothes

As stated above, the number of actors proposing the purchase and/or sale of used clothing has flourished in recent years and will thus increase your chances of finding the used ski outfit of your dreams. Among the must-see, Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, Vide Dressing. These three players have similar operating modes, since they allow individuals to buy and/or sell their clothing independently. The significant differences between these three actors are in terms of their positioning. When Vinted tries to rake wide, Vestiaire Collective and Vide Dressing will allow you to find rather high-end pieces. In any case, we advise you to always check the authenticity of the product (label, if possible original purchase ticket). Finally, one last tip, do not hesitate to ask how the individual seller has maintained his ski clothes, always prefer people who have taken care of their clothes through profesionnal dry cleaner. Unlike most individuals, dyers know how to respect the technical properties of clothing and ensure a longer lifespan.

Ski-Chic, second-hand as DNA


By offering a ski clothing rental service, we fundamentally chose to become second-hand specialists. Since for each outfit proposed, there is always a first customer benefiting from new clothes, before these same parts serve other customers who benefit from used clothes. This desire to become a service of excellence has enabled us to become experts in the processing of technical clothing to guarantee each customer a «new» experience.

That’s why we remain a great alternative to buying (whether new or used) by meeting the one-time needs of a large number of holidaymakers. The rental will always keep this advantage of paying for the fair price of the use of a product and not its property which may prove to be expensive. In addition to that we are now present throughout France, whenever you wish. To discover our collections, it is here: