Girl ski outfit


From €13.30 /day

Retail price €305.00

2 Days: €65.90  

Price as configured: €13.30

What my package contains

By choosing to rent ski clothes and ski accessories from, you are guaranteed to receivef a full ski outfit, including a jacket, trousers, a pair of gloves and goggles. All of these items will be delivered to you in a personalised package, in the sizes chosen by you. When you book a Roxy ski outfit, you will receive the following items :

  • Roxy girls' ski jacket - Grey Tribe model
  • Roxy girls' ski trousers - Black Backyard model
  • Reusch girls' ski gloves - Black Andro model
  • Bollé girls' ski goggles - Black Explorer model*

*Opportunity to select over the glasses goggles (OTG)


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What my package contains

Care information

Your package contains a full set of top-of-the-range ski clothes and ski accessories by well-known brands. Before delivering your chosen ski outfit, each item is carefully treated so that its technical and aesthetic characteristics are preserved, thus guaranteeing you the best possible experience. To make the most of your ski outfit, you should therefore carefully follow the instructions below :

  • Hang up the jacket and trousers on a hanger at the end of each day.
  • Put the goggles back in their case at the end of each day.
  • Keep all the items in a dry place overnight.
  • Do not dry the gloves, or any other item, on a radiator or close to a heat source (radiator, hob, lights)
  • Do not try to clean the items by yourself. Only is able to clean any of the items in your outfit.

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Qualité du service :

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My daughter had never skied in her life, I recommend SKI-CHIC who nicely advised me by phone. The kid pack for my daughter is ideal for first time skier.

Qualité du service :

Qualité du produit :

Delighted to have discovered this service for my 12 year old daughter. We also took the opportunity to test it with my husband. The clothes were all of quality !

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